The LaMcube laboratory is a CNRS UMR (UMR 9013 since 2020) linked with CNRS, Université de Lille and Centrale Lille, bringing together teacher-researchers and researchers specialized in mechanical and civil engineering. This unit was established in January 2018. 

 The ambition of the LaMcube is to create a continuum from the development of materials to the description of systems under loading, taking into account the evolution of materials and structures with these loads. The consideration of the relevant scales with regard to the applications considered is a key point in our activities.

The cross-disciplinary nature of the LaMcube structure acts as a catalyst on two aspects:

- The definition of a material elaboration strategy, with controlled microstructure, linked to a multimodal microstructural description of the materials (ISIS4D microtomograph, SEM, EBSD, XRD, ...) and allowing access to valuable data for the identification of properties, the understanding of mechanisms at the microstructural scale and for multiscale modeling.

- The development of transverse methods combining kinematic or thermal field measurements and identification by inverse registration, for the behaviour of materials at different scales but also for the identification of solicitations on components or on the mechanical system (methodology acting as an in-situ sensor).